The Fresh Start program for Ontario Works participants is a program of Addiction Services of Thames Valley funded by the City of London. This is an employment initiative to facilitate Ontario Works participants in removing barriers to assist in their return to the work force.

Is this program for me?

Primary Eligibility Requirements:

  • Must be 16 years or older
  • Currently experiencing problematic substance use  or require relapse prevention
  • Receiving Ontario Works

Admission Criteria will include:

  • Express a strong desire to make changes in their problematic substance use
  • Express a strong desire to return to the work force
  • Must participate in a comprehensive screening & assessment process in order to develop an appropriate treatment plan
  • Must agree to a treatment plan to change substance use patterns and practices (change includes harm reduction and abstinence goals as appropriate for individual).

Goals & Objectives

This program supports clients to meet their addiction related recovery goals, referrals to appropriate services, increase employability, and decrease in multiple or duplicate health service utilization.

Referral Procedure

Who can make a referral?

  • Ontario Works participants self-refer to the Fresh Start program through their Ontario Works Caseworker
  • Self-referrals and third party referrals will not be accepted

How to make a referral and acceptance into the program:

The program is completely voluntary. Upon completion of the referral, your Ontario Works case manager will submit the referral to Addiction Services of Thames Valley. An Addiction/Mental Health Counsellor with the Fresh Start program will contact you to discuss screening, assessment and treatment.


Fresh Start is a collaboration and partnership with the City of London and Addiction Services of Thames Valley.


Megan Neill: 519-673-3242 ext 239