ADSTV Board of Directors

Addiction Services of Thames Valley operates under a community-based Board of Directors who volunteers their time to assist the agency in reaching the Vision and Mission of the agency.

Board Members represent a variety of aspects of the community and are drawn from the geography of Thames Valley (Elgin, Oxford and Middlesex Counties) as well as key areas of healthcare, social services, education, legal, financial and correctional service delivery.

The governance philosophy of the Board of Directors is to focus on the end goals and long-term visioning of the agency and to focus on the achievement of the Strategic Plan.

Our Current Board Members:

  • Dennis Lunau – Chairperson
  • Eric Riley – Past Chairperson
  • Stephanie Johnston – Vice-Chairperson
  • Jean Knight – Past Vice-Chairperson
  • Sebastien de la Lande – Treasurer
  • Tricia Korbut – Secretary
  • Michael Oates
  • Patty Chapman
  • Rita Giroux-Patience
  • Stephen State

2020 Board Financial Statement
2017-2022 Strategic Plan
2019-2020 Quality Improvement Plan

For more information about the ADSTV Board of Directors, please contact Peggy-Jo Grass at the following email address

ADSTV Foundation Board

The ADSTV Foundation was created to support the agency by building a fund to be used as needed to finance ADSTV initiatives.

ADSTV has been a pioneer supporting individuals dealing with various forms of addiction.

The Possible campaign and the annual Stage For Change event is one such initiative. Often members of our community feel stigma, shame and fear about having problems. We want to share the stories of others who have changed behaviour to encourage everyone to see that it is possible to “just show up” and “just get started” with the first steps.

Our Current Foundation Board Members:

  • Michael Steele, Chairperson
  • Michael Blewett, Past Chairperson
  • Thomas Burnett, Treasurer
  • Danielle Urquhart, Secretary
  • Ian Hesketh

2020 Foundation Board Financial Statement

For more information about the ADSTV Foundation Board, please contact Peggy-Jo Grass at the following email address