We know how difficult it is to make a change. Whether you are struggling with substance use, problem gambling, or other behavioural concerns, we can help. To learn more about individual programs check under the “Our Programs” link above. Change is possible!

If you are in crisis, please call:

Reach Out 24/7:  519-433-2023 or 1-866-933-2023
The Support Line: 519-601-8055
Or Attend Walk-In 24/7 Crisis Centre: 648 Huron St. London, ON

How do I get started?


Call or email. All services are free and confidential.   

  • Call 519-673-3242 ext. 222
  • Email intake@adstv.ca
  • Visit the CMHA Thames Valley Addiction & Mental Health Services Website

Please note: We are scent-free organization. Please refrain from wearing scented products when attending any of our Points of Access.

What can I expect during the intake process?

When you attend a walk-in intake, we will begin the process of triage (or screening) to determine what services you may require related to substance use, problem gambling, and/or other behavioural concerns. We will start by asking you some personal health information, what your concerns are, and what supports you are looking for (ie: information or counselling). The intake process will take approximately 1 hour and some people in the main office stay to start the assessment process.

What happens after intake?

Some people may stay to start the assessment process or you will come back another day for your assessment. With the support of a counsellor, you will self-administer an assessment. You will be asked questions about your substance use, problem gambling, other behavioural concerns, your mental health, and general areas of your life (school, employment, etc). This will take approximately 45 minutes to complete. After completion, a counsellor will give you information about Supportive Information Sessions (SIS) offered at ADSTV. You can attend SIS sessions while waiting for an appointment to see a counsellor.

What happens during my appointment?

During your appointment, you will meet with a counsellor to go over the results of your assessment and look at your individual goals. A plan will be created on how we can support you to reach your goals. The counsellor will share with you all of the options available in the community and will help you access information to make a decision. We offer a variety of groups from coping skills to relapse prevention to support groups. Together, with your counsellor, you will determine the right next steps for you.