Opioids are a class of powerful drugs that are primarily prescribed to treat severe pain. If opioids are abused, they can create feelings of intense pleasure or euphoria, and can also lead to fatal overdose, along with other medical, legal and social problems. Opioids include illicit drugs, such as heroin, as well as prescription medications, such as Percocet, morphine and codeine.

In May 2013, ADSTV was funded to provide a new program called the Community Opioid Addiction Program (COAP). COAP has 5 full time Addiction/Mental Health Counsellors. The purpose of COAP is to improve the health, social outcomes and quality of life of people experiencing Opioid Substance use—past or present. This includes Pregnant and Parenting Women, Youth and people living with HIV/AIDS/Hep C. The program also has a strong emphasis on providing support to people who are currently engaged in Substitution Therapy such as Methadone Maintenance Treatment, Suboxone, Buprenorphine or are considering using them as part of their treatment process. Each member of the team has a target of reaching approximately 200 unique individuals through individual, group counselling and educational sessions each year. Read More