As of August 4, 2021, ADSTV is beginning to offer scheduled in-person services. Clients who are suitable for services in-person will be offered scheduled appointments at one of our Points of Access. Virtual Services will continue to be available. 
For further information about Ontario COVID-19 Restrictions, click here.

What can you expect upon arrival to an ADSTV Point of Access?

ALL  in person services are now scheduled prior. We have suspended walk in services for now to adhere to social distancing recommendations, when you enter our spaces please expect:

  • To wear a mask for the duration of the appointment (masks will be provided for those who do not have one).
  • To arrive at the scheduled appointment time and leave immediately following the appointment
  • To be screened upon arrival (including temperature)
  • To follow directional information to assist with traffic flow.
  • To be asked to reschedule in person services if feeling unwell
  • Appointments will be staggered to avoid congestion in the wait room

When a counsellor calls a client prior to their session, a client should reschedule or request a virtual appointment if:

  1. If they are feeling unwell
  2. If they are exhibiting any COVID-19 symptoms

Click here for our screening FAQ

Hours of Operation

You may be scheduled for services during regular business hours. Monday and Tuesday 8:30 am – 8:00 pm, Wednesday- Friday 8:30 am – 4:30 pm

How To Connect

Intake: Due to current restrictions and safety measures, our full walk in intake services have not resumed. Here are the options to connect for intake services for all locations from Monday to Friday 10am-3pm:

By Phone for all locations in Thames Valley: Call 519-673-3242:

  • Extension 222: Information & Intake
  • Extension 284: Concerned Significant Others, Existing Clients & Intake
  • Extension 287: To change or cancel and existing appointment

In-Person Intake (200 Queens Only): There we will be a limited amount of in-person scheduled intakes to reach individuals who cannot completed intake by phone. Please call or drop in to get a scheduled appointment. Please note: if dropping in to the agency, same day intake cannot be guaranteed.

Community Treatment/Assessment:  There will be a combination of in person or virtual (phone or video conferencing) appointments being offered. In person services will be prioritized for those individuals where virtual services are not an option or not clinically appropriate.

Clinical Groups: All groups are to be offered virtually at this phase of re-entry and will require to be preregistered. These groups include Day Relapse Prevention, Evening Relapse Prevention, Problem Gambling Support Group, Discussion and Discovery (Middlesex-based), Heartspace Mom to Mom Group, Family Group, Exploring Change).

Supportive Information Sessions (SIS):  Currently SIS is being offered virtually through pre-recorded videos where clients can access these as a support to their treatment through provided links to YouTube. These sessions can also be sent to clients by a PDF. These sessions are educational groups that provide information on topics such as: withdrawal, cravings, anxiety, stress, parenting and family impacts on addiction.

How Does ADSTV Determine Who Will Receive In-Person Services?

ADSTV utilizes screening tools (Outcome Rating Scale, GAIN Short Screener) and the Stages of Change model to prioritize individuals that need more immediate services.  Based on this presenting information, clients are scheduled as soon as possible.

How Will ADSTV Handle A Waitlist?

Clients who are waiting for more than 5 days for their first appointment will be added to the cancellation waitlist at the point of intake. If an earlier appointment becomes available clients will be called to come earlier by program.