Housing is a right.
Homelessness is a solvable problem through housing with support.

Contact: If you are concerned for someone’s wellbeing that may be experiencing homelessness, please contact: 519-667-2273 (CARE).

What makes London CAReS a success? London CAReS is a Housing First intervention for individuals experiencing chronic and persistent homelessness based on a highly collaborative community-based approach. As a best practice response to ending homelessness, the Housing First approach offers support in identifying and obtaining private market, scattered-site independent housing for individuals experiencing persistent and chronic homelessness, then provides the necessary intensive support (10:1) from a Housing Stability Worker to work towards community integration following an individualized support plan that is participant-driven and focuses on the participant’s personal goals and overall plan for wellness. Our Housing Stability support is not time-limited.

Street Outreach Services: London CAReS Street Outreach services operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week; following the Five Pillars approach of Harm Reduction, Prevention, Treatment, Justice and Enforcement, and Community Collaboration and Integration. Read More