London Drug Treatment Court is expanding. The London Drug Treatment Court (LDTC) is a program that provides court supervised addiction treatment to people addicted to cocaine, crack, methamphetamines and opiates. Non- violent individuals charged with possession of these drugs or who have been charged with small amounts for the purpose of trafficking will be considered for referral. As of April 2014, LDTC received permanent funding to fund our already existing pilot program and increase services. The funding was as a result from the outcomes of the pilot program. Through the funding of three FTE’s, a greater number of individuals will be supported by streamlining access to appropriate services, reducing multiple or duplicate health service utilization and reducing reliance on justice service to access treatment. In addition to supporting a greater number of participants, our agency through the funding, purchased a service through John Howard Society in an effort to support the reduction of criminogenic factors and behaviours. A wider variety of programming will also be offered to our participants in an effort to support clients towards abstinence, promote life skills and meaningful activities. The funding will reduce substance of use, crime, support an improvement in the quality of life for the participants and ultimately save lives.