The Anti-Human Trafficking Community Supports Fund (the Fund) is one of the initiatives under Ontario’s Strategy to End Human Trafficking, announced in June 2016. The Fund will be used to support organizations across a range of sectors that are part of the service delivery continuum for responding to human trafficking, and that are interested in implementing innovative, locally-driven solutions to address human trafficking in their communities. Priority will be placed on supporting survivors of human trafficking and their families in their journey towards healing and recovery, and / or preventing human trafficking.

Street Level Women at Risk (SLWAR) will augment the existing service by having a dedicated response to trafficked street level sex workers.  The SLWAR model addresses needs and service gaps through an innovative collaborative Housing First approach. Housing Stability Workers (HSW) will provide intensive, in-home support for trafficked women now working as street involved sex workers. Continuous intensive in-home case management is offered for a two year period as the participants move through the phases of housing stability. The Housing Selection worker will monitor the payment of rent and housing allowances as well as support housing stability by building relationships with the landlords.