LiUNA Local 1059 – Together We are Building Strength
February 2014

We are excited to present one of our newest EAP services. Liuna Local 1059 wanted to support its members and their families to seek support for problem drinking, substance use, addictions related to substances, gambling and gaming in an effort to promote overall well being and increase safety within the workplace. As a result, they advocated for a service to be provided solely for their members and their families. Through this program, Liuna Local 1059 members and their families will be eligible to receive assessment, treatment, advocacy and referrals from Addiction Services of Thames Valley, through a worker dedicated to this service. Members will have access to community treatment, withdrawal management and crisis support while residing in their home, with their family, and in the community, or referrals to residential treatments as appropriate.  Due to this service, members and their families will be able to access services without being placed on a waitlist as services will be initiated within a 24 hour period. The support accessed through this program will decrease the impact of substance use, gambling and gaming on work, family, daily structure and routines.

Through this service Liuna Local 1059 members and their families will also receive education, well-timed access to resources, and consultations. This will be available not only to members but also to employers and employees of Liuna Local 1059 in an effort to support them to prevent, identify, and build greater knowledge about the impact of substance use, gambling and gaming on its members.

If you are a Liuna Local 1059 member or a family member and think you may benefit from these services, please contact Joshua Keene at 226-376-2629 or BlackBerry message (BBM) him via pin # 2B7FD880. For information and inquiries, email Josh at

PDF: Liuna Local 1059 – Together We Are Building Strength