About the Addiction Transitional Case Management Service

Addiction Transitional Case Managers (ATCMs) facilitate a seamless discharge process from hospital (London Health Sciences Centre) and the Canadian Mental Health Association Stabilization Space. ATCM’s ensure individuals have linkages to appropriate addiction and addiction-related services and supports upon discharge. Together, the client and the ATCM will work to create and implement a plan of care for enhancing stability and meeting the client’s most urgent addiction-related needs. ATCMs support dignity and hope for change for the client population they serve.

Is this program for me?

  • Must be 16 years of age or older

  • Willing to see an ATCM for screening and assessment

  • Deemed medically stable – (Any physical medical conditions have been brought under control or are static, and they are being managed by a health care practitioner.)

  • Experiencing concerns related to substance use and/or withdrawal, gambling, or gaming, and would benefit from support to meet their immediate needs upon discharge; and

  • Must be facing barriers which prevent them from connecting to addiction resources and supports on their own.

Who can make a referral?

ATCMs accept referrals from:

From London Health Sciences Centre:

  • Inpatient Mental Health Services
  • Consult Liaison Services
  • Centralized Emergency Psychiatry Services (CEPS)
  • Emergency Department and
  • Other non-Mental Health Services

From the Canadian Mental Health Association:

  • Crisis Stabilization Beds

Referral Procedure:

The referral form is available on the LHSC Intranet site (Programs and Services- Mental Health Care Program-Addiction Consultation and Education Program-Addiction Transitional Case Management Services). Please fax completed referral to 519-667-6564.

Once referred, admitted or discharged patients will be contacted directly to schedule appointments.

Our ATCM Program Intake forms are available online to be completed following referral. Please visit our ATCM Intake Page to complete and submit online forms.