About the Back on Track program

The Back on Track program is a provincially mandated program for convicted impaired drivers and for drivers charged with two or more provincial alcohol and/or drug-related suspensions. The program requires all participants pay a registration fee to the Centre for Addictions and Mental Health in Toronto in full before they can start the program. For program details please check the Back on Track Head Office’s website at www.remedial.net.

Is this program for me?

While our London office is contracted to provide services to people living in Middlesex, Elgin, Oxford and Kent Counties, any participant can access our service if they are able to travel to London.

For information regarding course dates or if you are having difficulty registering, call our London office at 519-673-3130 or email at info@remedial.net.

To register for the program, please call the toll free number in Toronto at 1-888-814-5831 or visit the Back on Track provincial website at www.remedial.net.