About the Community Withdrawal Support Program

The Community Withdrawal Support Program serves London-Middlesex, Elgin, and Oxford Counties and provides comprehensive community withdrawal management, addiction and mental health crisis care to the residents of Thames Valley.

Is this program for me?

  • Must be willing to enter program
  • Must be 12 years of age or above
  • Willing to reduce the use of one or more substances
  • Deemed safe to withdraw in the community
  • Meet provincial standards for withdrawal management

Goals & Objectives

  • Comprehensive addiction and mental health screening and assessment
  • Develop an individualized plan of care
  • Connect to community referrals as needed
  • Support individuals through crisis

Referral Procedure & Referral Form

Referrals are accepted from multiple-sources, including, but not limited to:

  • Self referral by e-mail or phone
  • Community agencies and organizations
  • Healthcare services (fax in form)
  • ADSTV internal referral from counsellor

Referral Procedure:

  • Complete Referral Form and fax completed form to ADSTV at 519-673-1022 or email to cwsp2@adstv.ca
  • Phone Community Withdrawal Support Program at 519-673-3242 ext. 248

Information about booking telemedicine appointments can be obtained by calling the Addiction Services of Thames Valley at (519) 673-3242 extension 248. An appointment time will be booked at an OTN location close to the community where the client/patient resides or is staying.


  • Confidential, client-centered community withdrawal management and crisis support that is readily accessible and culturally-sensitive to the needs of our community
  • Substance use and withdrawal needs assessment
  • Referral to appropriate services and level of care
  • Withdrawal information for individuals and support persons
  • Acute withdrawal symptom monitoring and daily support during acute withdrawal
  • Supportive counseling as appropriate
  • Facilitate involvement of Primary Healthcare Providers
  • Community care planning
  • Minimize risk of withdrawal complications
  • Post-withdrawal support, education, and relapse prevention
  • Nurse Practitioner Service

Community Education Services

CWSP also provides education for community members and services providers in effort to increase awareness and knowledge about withdrawal. CWSP is available for presentations and educational events as well as consultation. If you are interested in educational services, please contact CWSP at 519-673-3242 ext. 248 and we will see if we can meet your needs or provide referrals to other agencies to better meet your needs.

CWSP also has a number of educational materials that are available to individuals and service providers.