About the London Drug Treatment Court (LDTC) Program

London Drug Treatment Court (LDTC) is a supervised drug treatment and rehabilitation program for people who have committed a crime related to their substance use. The program provides court supervised addiction treatment to people who have an addiction to cocaine, crack, methamphetamines and opiates. Non- violent individuals charged with possession of these drugs or who have been charged with small amounts for the purpose of trafficking will be considered for referral.

Is this program for me?

Primary Eligibility Requirements:

  • Must be 16 years or older

  • Currently charged with a non-violent offence related to substance use

  • Currently experiencing problematic substance use or require relapse prevention

  • History of entries in the criminal justice system

Admission Criteria will include:

  • Express a strong desire to make changes in their problematic substance use with a ultimate goal of abstinence
  • Stable housing with an address approved by the Crown Attorney
  • Must participate in a comprehensive screening & assessment process in order to develop an appropriate treatment plan
  • Client must be willing to commit to their individualized treatment plan as developed in collaboration with their assigned LDTC Addiction/Mental Health Counsellor which supports an outcome of abstinence
  • Must agree to participate in all services and appointments that support the LDTC Program

Referral Procedure

Who can make a referral?

  • Your lawyer
  • Self-referrals or third party referrals are not accepted

How to make a referral and acceptance into the program:

The program is completely voluntary. Upon completion of the referral, your lawyer will consult with the crown, LDTC judge and members of the treatment team to ensure the referral is appropriate.  If the referral is accepted the client will enter a 30 day assessment phase to determine continued eligibility in the program through the utilization of screening and assessment tools.

Goals and Objectives

This program supports clients to meet their addiction related recovery goals including abstinence, referrals to appropriate services, decrease in multiple or duplicate health service utilization, reduce criminogenic factors and behaviours which lessens reliance on the justice system. The aim is to stop the revolving door of addiction and criminal behaviours.


LDTC is a collaboration and partnership of a number of agencies that provide legal, social and healthcare services in London.