About the Substance Use Outreach Program

The Substance Use Outreach Program is only offered within the City of London. 

The purpose of the Substance Use Outreach Program is to meet clients within the community, in a mutually agreed upon location, that is comfortable and easily accessible for the client. Substance Use Outreach Counsellors will primarily provide brief solution-focused therapy and support clients in minimizing or eliminating a client’s barrier(s) to attending services at the 200 Queens Ave. location. 

Is this program for me?

Barriers to attending services at our 200 Queens Ave may include, but are not limited to:

  • Mobility challenges

  • Mental health concerns including anxiety and agoraphobia

  • Social barriers such as risk for violence

  • Potential conflicts of interest or confidentiality concerns

  • We recognize that for a small number of clients, in-office appointments may not be a realistic goal and as such, we will provide ongoing outreach community treatment if deemed appropriate.

Referral Procedure

Please complete an Outreach Referral Form and fax completed form to 519-673-1022.

Outreach Referral Form