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What services are available face-to-face?
Beginning the week of August 31st face to face services will be provided on a priority basis to those who cannot access or benefit from virtual services. When connecting, or reconnecting with the agency, individuals will explore virtual and face to face options with a counsellor and make a plan.
Assessment, treatment planning and individual treatment sessions will be the services that can be offered on site, and virtually, until further notice. The London RAAM Clinic continues to provide face-to-face and virtual care. Please call for more information 519-673-3242 x 281

When can I see my counsellor again?
With current clients, counsellors will discuss what services you can continue to receive by phone or video. Please be patient as we are trying to be fair and provide face to face services to those who cannot access or benefit from virtual care options. We really want to see you again too!

Can I still use virtual or phone services?
Yes. We will maintain phone and online platforms and capabilities for those who wish to continue or begin their services without face-to-face contact. In coming weeks, we will be able to support those wishing to end virtual-based services and move to face-to-face services or a combination of services.

Will SIS (Supportive Information Sessions) resume in-person?
Not yet. SIS sessions will not be available on site in the immediate future, due to space limitations
Supportive Information Sessions and worksheets continue to be available on line through our website, and counsellor support is available when working independently with them.

Will childminding services be available? If so, what precautions are taken?
Babes in arms who can be in session with their parent will be welcome.
Unfortunately, we are currently unable to provide adequate space and safety measures for child minding. We understand that lack of care can be a barrier, and this issue is important to us. We are trying to find a way to provide this care again, but please call and we will troubleshoot with you about how to get care in the meantime.

How will ADSTV Protect my safety if I come to receive face-to-face services?
For in office services, ADSTV will provide access to handwashing, hand sanitizer, and masks. We have daily cleaning procedures as well as overnight cleaning.
Traffic flow has been adjusted to help reduce any unintentional breaking of physical distancing recommendations. Please follow signs, arrows and staff guidance.

ADSTV will screen visitors for COVID symptoms by phone or email prior to attending when possible, and upon arrival. You will be greeted by a staff in full protective equipment and asked a series of questions about your health, recent contact, and travel. Additionally, your temperature may be taken. All staff are screened daily for symptoms of COVID 19 and must not provide face to face services if they are unwell.  Screening protocols may vary at some locations.

We are asking that all staff, clients, guests, and individuals attending our services arrive wearing a mask and wear it throughout the visit. If you do not have a mask, one will be provided for you at your visit. Please bring and wear your own mask if possible, as supplies are limited.

What if I am unable to wear a mask due to a medical condition?
You will not be expected to wear a mask if it poses a risk to your health. You will be offered service in an area that allows for adequate social distancing.

Can I attend my appointment with a support person?
We are asking that supporters remain outside of the building during your visit at this time.
Space limits due to physical distancing requirements, and the potential cost of masks and sanitizer for visitors create this request. Please let us know if there are extraordinary circumstances and we will work to find a way to serve you.